What if the top probiotic experts in the world formulated the best probiotic possible with the latest science and ingredients available? What would that look like?

That’s what we did with Amplified Probiotics and that’s why fast relief from digestive discomfort is now possible!

Probiotics are something nearly every naturopath and holistic practitioner recommends as part of a foundational health regimen.

This is because probiotics not only support your gut health, but every aspect of your health including mental, cardiovascular, immune, thyroid, skin health, and more.

Probiotics are unequivocally one of the best things to take if you not only want to be healthier, but also feel better.

But how do you know you’re taking an effective probiotic? According to the experts, there are 3 keys you should look for in a probiotic supplement…

The 3 Keys To The Ultimate Probiotic Supplement:

  1. An effective prebiotic
  2. Strain diversity at the genus level
  3. Clinically studied and durable probiotic strains

The First Key: Why An Effective Prebiotic Is Even More Important Than The Probiotics

I like to use a garden analogy for how probiotics and prebiotics work.

If probiotics are like seeds in a garden, prebiotics are the fertilizer and nutrients that help them grow. Basically it doesn’t matter how many probiotics or seeds you plant if you don’t tend to them. You could plant billions of seeds and they won’t grow if they don’t get the nutrients they need. Many probiotic formulators have learned this lesson and it’s becoming more and more common for probiotic supplements to contain a prebiotic.

But there’s a problem…

The prebiotics that most supplements use are fiber-based.

These fiber-based prebiotics require high doses (several grams) to be effective, and that amount cannot fit in one capsule. In fact, you’d have to take half a dozen or more capsules to get an effective dose of a fiber-based prebiotic.

It gets worse though…

Fiber-based prebiotics have unpleasant side effects such as gas.

They also take several days or even weeks to work. Amplified Naturals listened to the top digestive health experts and found a solution to this problem because an effective prebiotic is the first key to having the ultimate probiotic supplement!

The problem is fiber-based prebiotics take forever to work and cause unpleasant side effects such as gas and bloating.


    Increase Your Good Gut Flora In Hours, Not Days

    Amplified Probiotics contains a novel prebiotic called PreforPro™ that helps probiotics thrive without unpleasant side effects.

    PreforPro™ works fast to increase probiotic levels and helps eliminate bad bacteria too including E. coli – the bacteria that causes urinary tract infections.

    PreforPro™ is the breakthrough ingredient that “AMPLIFIES” the formula – increasing good bacteria levels in your gut for improved digestion, mood, immunity and more!

    Here are some of the benefits noted by the developers of PreforPro™

    • Supports the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut
    • Works within hours at small doses (15mg) whereas fiber-based prebiotics require high doses (several grams,) can cause flatulence, and take days or even weeks to work
    • Targets specific strains of bad bacteria (E. coli) and lyses (breaks down) the organism’s cell wall, releasing nutrients into the environment which is used as food by the good bacteria in the gut
    • Clears out space in the gut for good bacteria to flourish
    • Utilizes a bacteriophage which only interacts with microorganisms and does not harm human cells

    The Second Key To The Ultimate Probiotic Supplement Is Diversity At The Genus Level

    You might be asking yourself: what does this mean?

    Well, many probiotic companies have embraced probiotic strain diversity – a fancy way of saying they have many unique types of probiotic in their formula.

    This is a good thing because different types of good bacteria provide specific health benefits.

    In addition, your gut naturally contains about a thousand different strains of bacteria, so the more strains you have in your supplement the better.

    The problem is that most probiotic formulas only provide diversity at the species level rather than the genus level.

    A great analogy for this is a zoo.

    Diversity at the species level would be like a zoo that only has birds.

    The zoo might have parrots, toucans and flamingos, but it doesn’t have any other types of animals such as tigers, zebras or pandas.

    While appealing to bird lovers, this type of zoo wouldn’t provide any benefit to other animal enthusiasts.

    The same thing happens with probiotics.

    Diversity at the genus level – a broader breakdown of probiotics where they are classified in families that have certain traits and provide certain health benefits – gives you a more complete probiotic supplement.

    In fact, different genera of probiotics reside in different parts of your digestive system where they support critical functions.

    Diversity at the genus level is more important than diversity at the species level.

    That’s why Amplified Probiotics contains five genera of probiotics when most other brands only contain one to two.

    This gives our product true probiotic diversity, and therefore a diverse range of health benefits.

    With Amplified Probiotics, you’re getting a probiotic supplement that touches on every aspect of your health!

    The 3rd & Final Key We Learned From The Experts Is The Necessity Of Using Clinically Studied Strains At Their Clinically Effective Doses

    dE111 Probiotic

    This is exactly what Amplified Naturals did with strains such as DE111® Bacillus subtilis.

    This probiotic strain has several clinical studies demonstrating a wide range of health benefits, and our probiotic contains the dose used in those studies!

    • Forms spores which protect the microbes from harsh conditions until they enter an environment ripe for germination such as the GI tract
    • Survives passage through the acidic environment of the stomach
    • Remains viable under a wide range of temperatures and is one of the few strains that doesn’t require refrigeration
    • Crowds out unwanted microbes such as Candida
    • Communicates with intestinal cells to maintain the gut barrier’s function, preventing food particles from damaging the intestinal lining and causing leaky gut and discomfort

    We also learned that the effectiveness and durability of probiotic strains is more important than the CFU count touted on product labels.

    In other words, quality is more important than quantity.

    Amplified Probiotics Checks All The Boxes For The Ultimate Probiotic Supplement

    So there you have it.

    Amplified Probiotics was formulated with the Three Keys to the ultimate probiotic supplement in mind:

    • An effective prebiotic: PreforPro ✓
    • True strain diversity at the genus level rather than just the species level: 5 probiotic families ✓
    • Clinically studied and durable strains at their clinically studied dose: ✓

    Amplified Probiotics was formulated by the top digestive health experts in the country.

    It delivers digestive support fast with a breakthrough prebiotic that quickly increases levels of clinically studied probiotics in your gut.

    Probiotics are a critical part of foundational health and we sought to provide you with the best supplement possible for your health regimen.

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