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Formulas that amplify the healing wisdom of nature

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Amplified Naturals is a brand created by nutrition nerds with 40 years of experience.

What makes us so unique?

We follow science, not marketing trends to bring you the best supplements available.

We use clinically studied ingredients at the clinically studied dose.

“Our formulations must provide innovation that is not readily available in the marketplace”

Products Backed By Science

Amplified Naturals products feature clinically studied ingredients shown to help boost energy, amplify immunity, and balance your digestive system. Our products offer benefits that you can feel from head to toe.

The Amplifier in Amplified Enzymes:

Solarplast® – unlocks the biochemical magic of spinach to promote exponential antioxidant activity and reboot the body's enzyme function and production.

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The Amplifier in Amplified Probiotics:

PreforPro® – increases your good gut flora in hours rather than days, helping probiotics thrive without unpleasant side effects such as gas and bloating. It works fast to increase probiotic levels and helps eliminate bad bacteria.

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“I’ve been using Amplified Immunity for about 3 weeks and have noticed a significant increase in energy. I feel really good knowing that I am boosting my immune system. The increase in alertness and energy was a nice benefit that was unexpected.”

- Stacie F.
Roanoke, VA

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