Formulas That AMPLIFY The Wisdom And Complexity Of Nature

A Probiotic Supplement That Touches On Every Aspect Of Your Health

An Immune Product That Keeps You From Feeling Bad AND Makes You Feel Better Than Ever

Charlie Rea & Rob Rea

Founders of Amplified Naturals

Amplified Naturals is a brand created by nutrition nerds with 40 years of experience.

That’s why:

We follow science, not marketing trends.

We use clinically studied ingredients at the clinically studied dose.

Our formulas must provide something not already available in the marketplace.

“We have to be doing something novel and innovative. For example, we’re not going to say collagen is hot right now, let’s whip out a collagen product. It has to be beyond what’s being done out there otherwise why bother.”

Charlie Rea

President & CEOAmplified Naturals

Hello, Charlie Rea here,

My parents started a health food store in Roanoke, Virginia back in 1976. My brother Rob and I grew up working in it, and when they were ready to retire in the year 2000, we took over the family business. I have decades of experience working in this industry and I’ve seen its growth take off.

The growth of our industry has been fun to watch and be a part of. I’m excited about more and more people embracing natural health, but I’m also weary of companies jumping on the holistic bandwagon with inferior products that are more about marketing trends than science.

Our family health food store likes to say our mission is to “curate” the most effective health products for our customers. There are literally thousands of supplements to choose from and as a health food store, we are motivated to find the ones that actually work and will provide the most benefit to our customers. This effort requires research, visiting manufacturing facilities, consulting with experts, and most importantly, continuous education.

We hit a point with certain products where we were dissatisfied with all of the options available to us. It’s not that the offerings were terrible, it’s just that we knew we could do better for our customers.

In the fall of 2016, we had a chance to meet with the top probiotic manufacturer in the world. We ended up traveling down to Kennesaw, Georgia a few months later to visit their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. We sat through meetings with actual PhDs, did more listening than talking, and had the radical idea of letting the experts formulate a product rather than chase the latest marketing trends.

To our surprise, they said that no one had ever asked them to do that. By simply getting out of the way, we empowered the world’s top experts to formulate what they determined to be the most effective product possible with the science and materials that they had available.

The result was Amplified Probiotics. It became a huge success in our stores. We’ve sold several thousand bottles and many of our customers buy several bottles at a time.

A few years later, we ran into our manufacturer contact and he told us about a top-secret ‘glutathione supercharging’ ingredient they were working on. Meetings similar to the ones that happened with our probiotic occurred which led to the creation of Amplified Immunity. There’s nothing quite like it!

Please visit those product pages to read even more about the incredible stories behind these innovative products.

We now had two products so we needed a parent company name. Sticking with the theme of amplifying the body’s incredible innate ability to heal itself, we called the company Amplified Naturals.

We will continue to explore ways to create the most effective health products formulated by experts, packed with clinically studied ingredients at their clinically studied dose, and backed by scientific research, but only if all of these conditions are met.