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Amplified Enzymes is our exciting new product! This product continues in the tradition of our first product, Amplified Probiotics, by being a foundational supplement that focuses on gut health. Our long journey through the natural products industry has reinforced the belief that health starts in the gut where vital brain chemicals are produced and where over 70 percent of the immune system resides.

Amplified Enzymes is a multipurpose enzyme formula that rapidly supports digestion as well as healthy joint, circulatory, respiratory and immune functions.

This is a potent standalone enzyme formula, but Amplified Naturals took it even further.

With the addition of our "amplifying ingredient" Solarplast®, Amplified Enzymes does two additional incredible things:

1. It reboots the natural process for enzymes and refolds the body's enzymes into their proper shape.

This restored enzyme function can lead to significant improvement in the digestion of protein, dairy and more.

2. It supercharges your body’s glutathione production to help keep you healthy and feeling your best.

Optimal glutathione levels mean you can protect and repair your liver- the all important organ for detoxification and digestion, and even slow the aging process. Furthermore, you’ll be able to energize your cells, neutralize damaging free radicals, and heal properly from illness.

    We want you, our VIP Launch Group member, to try this amazing product, but just as importantly, we want your feedback on our messaging so that we can get Amplified Enzymes in as many hands as possible.

    We know that this product can improve the health and well-being of pretty much anyone who takes it. Thank you in advance for taking this journey with us and being part of a very special movement within the natural products industry!

    -Charlie Rea

    Owner, Amplified Naturals

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