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Why Amplified Probiotics Works So Much Faster Than Other Brands

How long will it take for my supplement to work? I get asked that question a lot and it’s a perfectly reasonable one. The best and safest supplements are really just healthy foods, and while long term use will generally provide exceptional health benefits, supplements tend to lack the fast impact of prescription drugs. Drugs are powerful molecules that either speed up or slow down your biological processes. Their quick action makes them highly effective at treating various diseases, but also opens them up to potential harmful side effects because of their drastic manipulation of your physiology.

So what if you could have the natural safety of a supplement and the quick action of a prescription drug in one product? When it comes to probiotics, Amplified Probiotics provides exactly that combination.

A probiotic supplement is intended to provide you with the beneficial bacteria that we’re supposed to be getting from eating fermented foods. These probiotic foods nourish your digestive system and actually positively impact every organ system in your body including your brain, heart, skin, immunity, and more! The problem is that very few of us consume fermented foods today. Even traditionally healthy fermented foods such as pickles and yogurt are now overly processed and lacking any substantial level of live probiotic. While you should certainly consume fermented foods whenever you get the chance, the state of our food quality necessitates probiotic supplementation in order to truly support your health.

A lot of people take probiotics, they’re one of the most popular supplements in the US, and that’s a good thing. If you’re a healthy individual without gut issues, taking the best probiotic isn’t critical because you’re just trying to maintain good gut health. You can afford to gradually build up your good gut flora and nurture it with the occasional prebiotic food such as artichoke and plantain. But if you’re suffering from digestive issues including constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, and indigestion, you don’t want relief in a few months, you want it yesterday. Your fast-acting solution is Amplified Probiotics.

Amplified Probiotics contains clinically studied probiotic strains such as DE111 Bacillus subtilis at their clinically studied dose which is an important factor contributing to its efficacy. However, Amplified Probiotics has a secret weapon that goes beyond the potency and effectiveness of the strains. Emerging research shows that prebiotics- the food for our good bacteria- take probiotic supplement effectiveness to the next level and are arguably more important than the probiotics themselves. Amplified Probiotics heeded this research and contains a breakthrough prebiotic called PreforPro that feeds the good bacteria and clears out the bad. Amazingly, it does all of this in a matter of hours! That’s right, within hours of taking Amplified Probiotics, it starts to change the makeup of your microbiome for the better.

Other prebiotic supplements simply can’t do this as quickly as PreforPro. These other prebiotics are fiber-based which means they require several grams a day to be effective and can take weeks to increase good bacteria levels in the gut. Fiber-based prebiotics can also cause gas and bloating for a period of time in those who aren’t used to extra fiber in their diet (which is most of us.) PreforPro is a bacteriophage that clears out harmful E. coli from the gut, turning it into food for the probiotics, and opening up more space for them to flourish. PreforPro starts to do this almost instantly, and there is a noticeable increase in beneficial bacteria levels within minutes that continues to increase with prolonged use. 

Not only does PreforPro make Amplified Probiotics work faster than other probiotic supplements, but it does so at a 15 mg dose which fits in a single capsule of the supplement along with all the probiotics. Therefore one capsule a day of Amplified Probiotics can start improving your gut health almost instantly, and certainly much faster than any other probiotic supplement on the market!