Validation With Garden Of Life's Launch Of PreforPro Products

We've touched on the fact that the people behind Amplified Naturals got their start working in a family-owned chain of health food stores. This access to and familiarity with a wide range of supplement brands gave us invaluable insight into what makes a quality product that's effective for our customers. Out of all of the brands we've sold, one of our all-time favorites is Garden of Life!

Garden of Life's dedication to education and the use of scientifically-backed ingredients has made it an industry leader. We still sell a lot of Garden of Life in our stores to this day. However, news about their latest product launch has elicited mixed feelings from us.

Our Prebiotic Has Caught On In A Big Way

In 2016 we launched Amplified Probiotics which contained a breakthrough prebiotic called PreforPro. Now 6 years later, Garden of Life is launching a probiotic line powered by this same next generation prebiotic. PreforPro’s provides faster effectiveness in a small dose without discomfort. PreforPro is impressive for a number of reasons:

  • Effective at a low dose (15 mg) that fits inside a single capsule
  • Shown in tests to be effective within hours rather than days 
  • Not fiber or starch-based so it doesn’t cause digestive discomfort, bloating, or flatulence

Validation Of What We're Doing

We could take a defeatist mindset and lament the prospect that a mass market company has begun to try to replicate our product or we can celebrate how we have become industry trailblazers. We feel that Garden of Life's PreforPro launch validates our commitment to innovation.

"As a smaller company, we are able to make product formulation decisions based on science and research rather than marketing and SPINS data."

As a smaller company, we are able to make product formulation decisions based on science and research rather than marketing and SPINS data. The Amplified Naturals philosophy is to start with the best product possible, and then figure out how to market it to people. It's not the most efficient get rich quick scheme, but it's what's best for the customer.

Going Forward

We are glad that more people will have access to such a dynamic nutrient as PreforPro. While Amplified Naturals is constantly growing, we understand that we cannot currently reach everyone who would benefit from our products. Garden of Life has vast resources and we're confident that their new probiotic/prebiotic line will be a success. Their latest product launch will serve as inspiration and motivation for us to continue to stay ahead of the competition with relentless innovation and progress that leads to the most effective nutrition products for our customers.