Top 10 Reasons You Need Amplified Immunity

Amplified Immunity, a breakthrough formula backed by science, is a great standalone product for immune support. It’s loaded with clinically studied nutrients to address various aspects of immunity including gut health (where 70% of your immune system resides,) immune system intelligence, and antioxidant support for cell protection. It’s one of the most complete immune formulas on the market, but did you know it’s much more than that?! Check out this list of the top ten reasons you should start taking Amplified Immunity…

1. Exponential antioxidant power

Solarplast® is the most dynamic ingredient in Amplified Immunity out of several big hitters. It provides immediately available glutathione plus it repairs and turbocharges the production pathway for the “master antioxidant.” This means Solarplast is not only the best way to supply your body with glutathione, but also the best way to continue to product it long-term. 

2. Gut health

Amplified Immunity contains 3 spore-forming strains that help maintain the gut barrier and stimulate healthy microflora in the gut. These 3 Bacillus strains are tough and durable which allows them to be stored at room temperature, survive passage through the acidic environment of the stomach, and quickly colonize the GI tract for digestive and immune support.

3. Energy

Solarplast is loaded with energy molecules including ATP- the fuel that powers your cells. This means you can have better workouts and job performance and feel less tiredness after eating.

4. Anti-aging

Free radicals damage our cells and this is most visible with our skin cells as exposure throughout our lifetime contributes to wrinkles, age spots, and reduced skin brightness. Amplified Immunity provides cleansing antioxidants that slow cell damage caused by free radicals. These antioxidants include glutathione, vitamin C, zinc, Beta Glucans, and antioxidant-producing probiotics.

5. Liver support

Healthy glutathione levels allow for continuous liver repair and proper detoxification. Solarplast helps make sure glutathione doesn’t get depleted so that your liver is always able to do its job protecting you from the many toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis.

6. A smarter immune system

Beta Glucans are incredible molecules derived from baker’s yeast that modulate the immune system to provide a safe and balanced immune response. Amplified Immunity contains a clinically studied dose of Beta Glucans to help an amazing part of our body embrace its full potential.

7. Immune cell production

The vitamin C and Zinc in Amplified Immunity are essential for the creation of numerous immune cells including Natural Killer cells that play a major roll in eliminating tumors and viruses.

8. Digestion

There’s a common misconception that we produce less digestive enzymes as we get older which leads to digestive issues such as acid reflux, gas, and bloating. However, the real problem is that our enzymes become misshapen as we age, and therefore no longer fit as a “key” to unlock the nutrient potential of our food. Solarplast helps reboot the natural process for enzymes that digest food and even refolds the body’s enzymes into their proper shape so that they work better.

9. Cardiovascular support

Amplified Immunity helps support normal blood lipid levels, improves blood vessel tone and improves blood flow to the brain and heart. In other words, Amplified Immunity addresses almost every aspect of cardiovascular health to help prevent heart disease.

10. Recovery

Last but not least, Amplified Immunity reduces normal aches and pains from everyday stress and exercise. As more studies are done, we may find that Solarplast even uses its glutathione-boosting potential to help repair the lungs and other organs after illness.