How Solarplast Goes Beyond Liposomal Glutathione

Liposomal supplements are all the rage and rightfully so. Liposomal Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, curcumin and glutathione are just a few examples of this technology which can often deliver crucial nutrients far better than other methods. Liposomes are carrier vehicles that contain and protect the active substances. To better understand the way liposomal technology works, consider the word itself. Liposome stems from the Greek words ‘lipo’ for fat and ‘soma’ for body. Liposomes are thus spherical ‘sacs’ consisting of fatty-acid molecules. The liposomal spherical ‘sac’ can be used to enclose, protect and deliver a specific nutrient directly into the cells and body tissues. Phospholipids, which comprise the fatty sphere of liposomes, are found throughout the body in the membranes of our cells. They are easily recognised by our body and are thusly not treated as ‘toxic’ or ‘foreign'.

Why Is Liposomal Nutrient Delivery So Effective?

To understand why liposomal supplements are so effective, just look at the composition of our own cells. Our cell membranes are composed of the same phospholipids that make up the liposome. This allows for a fusion and blending process in which the liposome’s enclosed active substance merges into the cell where it can readily provide benefit. In fact, the body naturally produces liposomes around ingested nutrients for this very reason so taking liposomal supplements only speeds up a naturally occurring process. When given orally, liposomes can selectively deliver nutrients at the intestinal site of uptake leading to better bioavailability.

Liposomal Glutathione

Certain supplements greatly benefit from liposomal technology, or rather, we benefit from the liposomes they're utilizing. Remember that one of the basic functions of liposomes is that the phospholipid membrane protects the enclosed substance from degradation in the GI tract. For some nutrients, including glutathione, this is an essential breakthrough. Traditional oral glutathione supplements have been shown to break down into three amino acids—glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine—before they can exert a positive biological effect on the body. Liposome technology protects the glutathione molecule as it travels through the harsh environment of the GI tract so that it can reach our cells in pristine condition.

Solarplast: Nature's Liposome

What if nature already provided a liposomal glutathione, hidden in plain sight in a food that you've most definitely heard of? What if we simply needed a scientific breakthrough 15 years in the making to unlock the nutrient protective potential of this food?

Enter Solarplast. Through a revolutionary proprietary process, the tough cell wall of organic spinach is broken down without destroying the underlying phospholipid layer that protects and houses all of the powerful nutrients inside the cell. The developers of Solarplast use the term spheroplast to describe their protective lipid sphere. This spheroplast contains and protects not only ready to use glutathione, the body’s “master antioxidant,” but also everything you need to fuel your glutathione production pathway. That's right, inside of each Solarplast sphere is pristine glutathione AND cofactors, enzymes and catalysts such as NAC, SOD, NADPH and ATP that supercharge your body's ability to produce optimal levels of the mast antioxidant. It's like a fully furnished and working antioxidant factory being delivered directly to your cells!

In other words, Solarplast goes beyond liposomal glutathione to provide you with long-term and continuous glutathione production support!