Dr. Mynatt On Why Amplified Immunity Is Also An Amazing Workout Supplement

While moderate exercise is great for our overall health and wellness, severe exercise causes a breakdown in many systems. Some athletes push themselves to exhaustion on a regular basis causing free radicals in the form of increased lipid peroxidation, glutathione oxidation, and oxidation of muscle protein. After such taxing activities, the cytosolic enzymes in our bloodstream increase.
“Amplified Immunity has noticeably increased my performance in the gym giving me more energy to finish my sets. My digestion has also greatly improved.”
Increasing our glutathione levels directly combats this oxidizing effect from strenuous workouts allowing the body to heal and regenerate much quicker. Having adequate amounts of glutathione in your system during a workout protects your mitochondria from being damaged and increases full output of ATP. As our primary energy source, ATP levels are very important for productive workouts.

Amplified Immunity uses a new technology to pull cleaner, more concentrated amounts of nutrients from spinach to allow your body to readily produce much needed glutathione.

While Amplified Immunity has amazing immune system benefits, it also allows you to work out harder and longer while minimizing restoration and regeneration times between workouts.

Amplified Immunity is the real deal! I highly recommend it for increased energy and immunity!

Dr. Brian Mynatt
Well Adjusted Roanoke