Astaxanthin Is Great For Protecting Your Skin, Here’s What’s Even Better

Did you know 90% of visible skin damage can be attributed to sun exposure?

UV radiation from the sun causes damaging free radicals to wreak havoc on your skin. These free radicals cause visible skin damage, including the breakdown of your collagen and elastin. Wrinkles, thinning skin, age spots, and even cancer can occur when free radicals are left unchecked.

Antioxidants Put Free Radicals In Their Place

The good news is that a powerful reddish marine-based antioxidant found in salmon, shrimp and krill has gained much well-earned acclaim as a skin protective supplement. It's called astaxanthin, and it acts almost like an internal sunscreen, blocking UVB ray damage and managing the resulting inflammatory response.

Astaxanthin has been crowned "King of the Carotenoids," because it is five times more potent than beta-carotene, the orange antioxidant in carrots, and 6,000 times more potent than vitamin C! Another unique aspect of astaxanthin is that, unlike other carotenoids, it does not act as a "pro-oxidant" at high concentrations. This means that you can safely supplement with astaxanthin without worrying about it circling back to cause harm at a certain threshold (within reason.)

Astaxanthin Has Its Limitations, Here’s What Doesn’t…

Astaxanthin is a rockstar antioxidant, but studies have shown some limitations after oral administration such as low stability, bioavailability and bioefficacy. A really important measure of antioxidant effectiveness is Total Antioxidant Capacity (TAC.) TAC measures the ability of an antioxidant to fight off all types of free radicals (not just one).


Astaxanthin performs well on the TAC scale, doubling chlorella, but it’s actually tied with spinach. Then there’s Solarplast, an innovative nutrient derived from organic spinach, which contains more than double the TAC of astaxanthin! Furthermore, most extraction processes decrease TAC; the unique process for Solarplast not only preserves TAC, but enhances it.


The unique extraction process for Solarplast enhances the absorption of the antioxidants contained in spinach by 33%, while no enhanced absorption was observed with astaxanthin.

So How Is Solarplast So Effective? It Has A Secret Weapon

Solarplast has a secret weapon called glutathione. Known as the “Master Antioxidant,” glutathione neutralizes all types of free radicals and it recycles itself as long as it has fuel. Solarplast is a scientific breakthrough 15 years in the making that provides the fuel to power your body’s glutathione-producing machinery!

Your liver actually produces glutathione so all you have to do is give your body the nutrients it needs to unlock its own antioxidant potential. This is easier said than done because there hasn’t been a way to use supplements to increase glutathione levels in your body until now...

Solarplast contains ready to use glutathione, but even more impressively, it is the only substance that contains all the ingredients needed to fuel the glutathione pathway. With Solarplast, you can slow or even reverse the aging process by protecting your cells - both internally and externally.

When you’re looking to protect your skin from sun damage and all of the other chaotic free radicals buzzing around, Solarplast, and its powerful antioxidant effects, is the best option!