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Are Prebiotics More Important Than Probiotics?

To answer this question, I like to start off by using a garden analogy for how probiotics and prebiotics work.

This is a really effective analogy because our microbiome is an ecosystem literally populated by "microflora."

It goes like this: If probiotics are like seeds in a garden, prebiotics are the fertilizer and nutrients that help them grow.

Basically it doesn’t matter how many probiotics or seeds you plant if you don’t tend to them.

You could plant billions of seeds and they won’t grow if they don’t get the nutrients they need.

Therefore the short answer to the question of whether prebiotics are more important than probiotics is yes.

You need both, and one can't function without the other, but at least we are born with probiotics in our gut.

It is then up to us to care for them with a proper diet and avoidance of toxins that would cause them to die off.

While it's true that we do all sorts of things to harm our beneficial microflora, and a probiotic supplement is necessary to replenish the lost good bacteria, this replenishment is meaningless in the absence of prebiotic food.

The probiotics we're supplementing with will simply die off without their food.

Furthermore, while they are both really important, the lack of awareness about prebiotics makes them even more critical.

How can we supplement with something that we don't even know about?

Many probiotic formulators have learned these lessons and it’s becoming more and more common for probiotic supplements to contain a prebiotic.

Now we can debate the different types of prebiotics and their effectiveness, but I'll save that for another article...

The common obstacles to prebiotics include:

  • The requirement of high doses (several grams)
  • They can cause gas and bloating
  • They take a long time to work - often weeks

Suffice to say, Amplified Probiotics contains a breakthrough prebiotic called PreforPro that works fast to increase levels of good bacteria in your gut plus kill unwanted bacteria such as E. coli.

Even better, there is no flatulence associated with PreforPro because it isn't fiber-based like most prebiotics.

And PreforPro is clinically effective at just a 15 mg dose which allows it to fit inside a single capsule.

This allows Amplified Probiotics to contain a fantastic assortment of probiotics plus an awesome prebiotic in a one a day capsule that will start to improve your digestive health in a matter of days!