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Hi, I’m Charlie Rea, CEO of Amplified Naturals.

Did you know that there is a critical aspect of immunity that is not being addressed by the supplement industry?

I know that sounds crazy, because we are constantly bombarded by information about immune boosting products. While those other products are important, I’m going to share 3 breakthrough secrets with you today that are going to revolutionize the way that you think about and support your immune system.

I’m also going to show you how supporting your immune system this way can give you a wide range of side benefits that support your overall wellness so that you can be healthier and feel better.

What Makes Amplified Immunity So Effective?

  • It’s the only product available that addresses an aspect of immunity that others companies skip.
  • It has a wide range of side benefits that supports your overall wellness so you can be healthier and feel better.
  • Amplified Immunity was developed by the world’s top nutrition experts and is loaded with clinically studied ingredients so you can be confident in its results.
  • It’s safe for ages 4 and up, which means you can share it with your kids and rest assured that you are helping keep their immune systems healthy as they return to school.


What’s this aspect of immunity that hasn’t been addressed before now?


Before we get to the first secret, it’s important to understand the role free radicals play in your immune system.

Free radicals are unstable atoms that damage cells, cause illness, accelerate aging and a host of other health problems.

Lifestyle factors lead to harmful levels of free radicals, including:

  • Exposure to toxins (like pesticides)
  • Air pollution
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Poor diet
  • Stress

However, the worst damage often stems from our immune response to severe infections which can accelerate production of free radicals to critically high and dangerous levels.

That’s right, it’s our own immune system generating massive amounts of free radicals to kill germs that can make us really sick.

Worse yet, repairing and recovering from this process can take a long time putting considerable stress on the body.

Antioxidants protect us from free radicals and glutathione is the #1 antioxidant in nature.

Commonly referred  to as the master antioxidant, glutathione neutralizes all types of free radicals and it recycles itself as long as it has fuel.

There’s a problem though…

Glutathione can get depleted quickly as you age, especially when your liver and other organs are under stress.

This is troubling because depleted or inadequate glutathione levels means catastrophic free radical damage to your body.

Unfortunately, glutathione supplements are poorly absorbed and largely ineffective.

When you take a glutathione supplement, your digestive system breaks it down into three amino acid components before you get the antioxidant benefits.

No immune supplement has addressed this problem.

I knew that if there were a way to supply the body with ample amounts of glutathione, it would be the critical missing piece to the immunity puzzle.


Now hold that thought- I will reveal the incredible first secret that solves this problem in just a moment…

John Explains How Glutathione Works 

The problem is there hasn’t been a way to use supplements to increase glutathione levels in your body until now.

Introducing Solarplast®

Unlocking the Biochemical Magic of Spinach

The first secret involves Solarplast which is a scientific breakthrough 15 years in the making.

Through a revolutionary proprietary process, the tough cell wall of organic spinach is broken down without destroying the underlying lipid layer that protects and houses all of the powerful nutrients inside the cell.

This causes a 100 mg dose of Solarplast to have exponential antioxidant activity. You could eat several pounds of spinach and not get the same benefits.

As I noted earlier, despite knowing that glutathione is like the holy grail of antioxidants, there has not been a nutritional solution that can get you to the glutathione levels you need to be healthy and feel your best.

Enter Solarplast!

It is the only substance that contains all the ingredients needed to fuel the glutathione pathway:

  •  Glutathione peroxidase and reductase- facilitates the reduction of glutathione to its active form
  • Alpha lipoic acid- essential for aerobic metabolism, approved as a drug in Germany for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy 
  • Superoxide dismutase (SOD)- an important antioxidant defense in nearly all living cells
  • Catalase- a common enzyme found in nearly all living organisms which facilitates the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen, very important enzyme in protecting the cell from oxidative damage
  • N-acetyl-L-cysteine- a precursor to glutathione that thins mucus in the lungs and treats liver toxicity (specifically acetaminophen overdose)
  • Flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD)- a coenzyme associated with various proteins, involved with several enzymatic reactions in metabolism
  • NADPH- a cofactor used in anabolic reactions, used by all forms of cellular life
  • ATP- provides energy for cellular processes, known as the “molecular unit of currency”

This means that you can actually amplify your body’s capacity to make significantly more glutathione which leads to exponentially greater antioxidant benefits.

I find it hard to wrap my mind around all of the benefits that Solarplast can give you.

It really extends beyond immune system protection and is better described as foundational health support.

Here are some of the benefits noted by the developers of Solarplast®

  • Protects the body from the stress caused by free radicals
  • Provides cleansing antioxidants that slow the cell damage that comes with many everyday activities and environmental conditions
  • Provides the glutathione antioxidant recycling mechanism
  • Helps reboot the natural process for enzymes that digest food and are catalysts for metabolism
  • Refolds the body’s enzymes, such as trypsin, lactase and pepsin
  • Reduces tiredness after eating
  • Improves blood vessel tone and blood flow to the heart, brain and peripheral areas such as skeletal muscles
  • Reduces normal aches and pains
  • Participates in the normal repair mechanism of the intestinal tract
  • Helps support normal levels of lipids in the blood

For the second secret, we had a gut feeling that we would need to rely on the world’s top probiotic experts.

The second secret centers around the fact that over 70% of the immune system resides in the gut.

For Amplified Immunity, the world’s top probiotic experts hand selected the top 3 strains out of thousands that they judged to have the most impact on your immunity.

Bacillus subtilis (DE111®)
Clinically shown to stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut and support overall health.

Bacillus coagulans
Produces antimicrobial substances to directly fight harmful pathogenic microbes.

Bacillus clausii
An exciting strain with emerging research showing the unique ability to produce its own antioxidants, increase white blood cell activity and accelerate the body’s natural response to pathogens.

Having a healthy population of beneficial bacteria in your gut supports your overall health.

We knew a good immunity product had to include a great selection of the hardiest and immune-specific strains of probiotics to be a complete formula.

The three probiotics that the experts selected are all spore-forming strains.

This  spore-forming capability makes them incredibly durable and able to thrive in a wide range of environmental conditions without refrigeration.

This second secret will give you daily support for both your immune and digestive health.

The 3rd Secret Centers on the Intelligence of the Immune System

There are incredible molecules derived from baker’s yeast that are causing great excitement in the scientific community.

Beta Glucans have the extraordinary ability to activate any immune cell they encounter.

The intelligence of Beta Glucans is further illustrated by the fact that it modulates immune activity which results in a safe and balanced immune response.

  • We’ve selected Beta-1,3/1,6-Glucan derived from baker’s yeast
  • Most potent form
  • Therapeutic dose for optimal benefit
  • Modulates immune activity which results in a safe and balanced immune response.

What fascinates me about Beta Glucans is that they somehow activate and alert your body’s own immune cells as they come into contact with them.

The Beta Glucans in Amplified Immunity were carefully selected for maximum potency and intentionally sourced from Baker’s yeast because it is so well tolerated and easily digested.

Ok, let’s put it all together

For the first time ever, there’s a product that addresses every aspect of immune defense so you can feel confident you’re protecting your family.

It’s the first product that can unlock the biochemical magic hidden inside of organic spinach cells, which means that you can guard against free radicals with antioxidants including the mother of all- glutathione.

Even better, you can supercharge your body’s glutathione producing machinery for long term support and invigorate your system with energy producing molecules in a way that was never before possible.

It contains hearty strains of probiotics curated by the world’s top probiotic experts which means you have maximum immune and digestive support.

It includes potent Beta Glucans to make your immune system smarter, which means a faster and safer response to pathogens so you’re back on your feet in no time doing the things you love.

We didn’t overlook the classic immune nutrients, Vitamin C and Zinc, two of your best friends when it comes to  immune health.

“After buying Amplified Immunity for my family, the first thing I think of is to purchase this for my parents and in-laws because they are at higher risk.”

-Alicia L.

Roanoke, VA


“I’ve been using Amplified Immunity for about 3 weeks and have noticed a significant increase in energy. I feel really good knowing that I am boosting my immune system. The increase in alertness and energy was a nice benefit that was unexpected.”

-Stacie F.

Roanoke, VA

“Because my job requires me to leave the house and interact with people every day, I have been driven to learn as much as I can about how the immune system works. I learned early on how important a healthy gut is to the immune system and I found what I think is the best probiotic on the planet, Amplified Probiotics. Recently, I found out that these guys also make an immune supplement called Amplified Immunity. I now take Amplified Immunity every day because It gives me peace of mind knowing that my immune system is firing on all cylinders when I leave for work. I have also noticed that it gives me a lot more energy…no more sleepy afternoons.”

Chris F.
Richmond, VA

“I have had a challenging year with appendicitis and two surgeries. Since taking Amplified Immunity, I have noticed an improvement with my physical stamina. What’s more, I feel confident that the research and components placed in Amplified Immunity are giving me the extra protection I need. With what’s out there today, I trust Amplified Immunity to help my body recover and boost my immunity.”

Jack B.
Lynchburg, VA

“Since adding Amplified Immunity to my daily supplement regimen, I’ve noticed immediate benefits to my body. I’ve been feeling more energized, sleeping better and haven’t even had as much as a sore throat during the duration of taking it. I’m sold!”

Evans R.
Richmond, VA

“I love Amplified Probiotics, so I decided to try Amplified Immunity. The big thing that I have noticed is faster recovery during my workouts and my soreness doesn’t linger for days anymore.”

Hayward Statum II
Xcelerated Performance

“My husband and I have been taking Amplified Immunity for approximately 2-1/2 months. We have noticed a substantial increase in our energy levels, and neither of us has had any illnesses during that time despite Covid-19 and Flu season. Our mental clarity and memory seem to have improved, and we feel more focused throughout the day. We had been taking one of the name brand “memory improvement” supplements, but did not notice much difference in our ability to remember things. We are both seniors and plan to continue taking Amplified Immunity daily.”

Herb and Linda F.
Richmond, VA

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