Live Well By Staying Well.

How Amplified Immunity Works


Our immune system protects us from getting sick from the germs in our environment. But what can we do to ensure our immune system has all of the raw materials to fight an invader with a healthy immune system response? Learn why we decided to bring you this novel combination of vitamins, probiotics and a breakthrough ingredient that supplies your immune system with the four ingredients it must have to produce the most powerful antioxidant on the planet.

The Immune Health Breakthrough That Everyone Will Soon Be Talking About!


I’m going to share with you a groundbreaking discovery concerning immune and overall health. It concerns free radicals- unstable atoms that damage cells, causing illness and aging- and the master antioxidant that neutralizes them and protects you.

There’s this little known aspect of our immune system called the

Glutathione Pathway. 

Hardly anybody is talking about it, but when you understand what it is and how it works, you will unlock the secret of a healthy immune system response and how to support it.

Focus on free radicals

Free radicals cause oxidative stress which damages your body’s cells. When left unchecked, they can lead to a range of diseases and symptoms of aging, such as wrinkles.

Free radicals are produced naturally in your body and are an important part of the immune system’s response to infection as they damage viruses and bacteria the same way they damage your cells. Lifestyle factors can also accelerate their production. Those include:

  • exposure to pesticides and air pollution

  • smoking

  • alcohol

  • poor diet

With more and more scary germs on the loose as well as all of these lifestyle and environmental factors, free radical overload is becoming a serious health issue. In fact, your immune system’s efforts to fight infection through the production of free radicals can create health problems more dire than the infectious agent.

This aspect of immune health has been ignored for too long and now more than ever, you need an immune supplement that not only enhances immune function but that also detoxifies and neutralizes dangerous free radicals.

How much would you be willing to pay for the ultimate immune defense product on the market?

I thought about including a statistic about income lost from calling in sick at work and how a powerful immune supplement could protect you from losing money, but what I found startled me.

Americans definitely get sick but they can’t afford to call out of work. In fact, we only average 2.5 sick days a year.

This made me realize that a super effective immune product is actually more important than I realized. Staying well is so important that not only can we not afford to be sick, we literally don’t have time to be sick.

So what solution can I offer to you to save you money and our most precious asset- time? A product that addresses your immune health in 3 ways:

1. Foundational immunity which starts in the gut.

Over 70% of your immune system is located in your gut because that’s the main entrance to the rest of the body. You need friendly bacteria there to stand guard and Amplified Immunity contains the best clinically studied probiotics for immune function. These Bacillus strains have been shown to prime the immune system and accelerate the body’s natural response to pathogens.

2. A balanced immune response with classic and promising ingredients

Your immune system is a lethal killing machine so you want to keep it focused on the germs that are trying to harm you. Vitamin C and Zinc are classic immune nutrients that activate or even help develop a wide range of immune cells. They both function as antioxidants to help prevent free radical-induced injury during inflammatory processes used by the immune system to kill pathogens. 

Then there’s Beta Glucans, these incredible molecules derived from baker’s yeast which are scientifically shown to activate immune cells. The incredible part stems from their ability to intelligently activate these cells in a balanced rather than mindless chaotic way.

3. Solarplast®: The breakthrough ingredient that truly “amplifies” the formula

Let’s circle back to free radicals. As I mentioned earlier, they are the cause of aging, disease and ultimately death. While fighting an infection, your immune system produces terrifying amounts of free radicals to destroy pathogens. Unfortunately these free radicals also damage healthy cells and tissue in your body. If dangerously high levels are produced and go unchecked, serious health issues can arise.

Antioxidants are the solution as they neutralize free radicals, and the most powerful of all is glutathione- the master antioxidant. The problem is glutathione can get depleted quickly as you age especially when your liver and other organs are under stress. Depleted or inadequate glutathione levels means catastrophic free radical damage to your body. Unfortunately glutathione supplements are poorly absorbed and largely ineffective.

But there’s a solution: Solarplast® is a breakthrough nutrient that contains all the ingredients to fuel the glutathione pathway. Ideal glutathione levels protect and repair the liver and even slow the aging process. This means you can detoxify, neutralize damaging free radicals, and heal properly from illness.

What is Solarplast®?

Through a revolutionary proprietary process, the tough cell wall of spinach is broken down without destroying the underlying lipid layer that protects and houses all the powerful nutrients. These nutrients include ready to use glutathione plus everything to restore and supercharge the pathway for more production of this master antioxidant. This causes a 100 mg dose of Solarplast® to have exponential antioxidant activity. You could eat pounds of spinach and not get the same benefit!

So how much would you be willing to spend for such a product?

Here’s a breakdown of the cost of foods to equal a 1 month supply of Amplified Immunity: (Note that we couldn’t even find a food source for the Bacillus clausii probiotic.)

Organic spinach price per pound- $4 x 30 (month supply) = $120

Oranges for 75 mg Vitamin C- $0.35 x 30 = $10.50

Lentils for 20 mg Zinc- $1.50 x 30 = $45

Oats for 225 mg Beta Glucans- $0.50 x 30 = $15

Natto for Bacillus subtilis– $2.50 x 30 = $75

Kombucha for Bacillus coagulans– $5 x 30 = $150

Total: $415.50 (still can’t completely replicate the formula)