Our formulas don’t interfere with the wisdom and complexity of nature, they AMPLIFY it.


Charlie and Rob Rea have been in the nutritional supplements business for over 30 years. They recognized that the industry manufacturers were falling short in providing their customer base with comprehensive nutritional formulas that were made with clinically-studied amounts of supplemental ingredients. As life-long nutrition nerds, they decided to do somcthing to fill that gap. Amplified Naturals was their answer.

Amplified Naturals uses cutting edge science and technology to create nutrition products that enhance your health in the most fundamental and important ways. Our products contain breakthrough nutrients to nourish your digestion, immunity and detoxification so you can focus on living your life to the fullest without worrying about your health holding you back.

“We have to be doing something novel and innovative. For example, we’re not going to say collagen is hot right now, let’s whip out a collagen product. It has to be beyond what’s being done out there otherwise why bother.”

Charlie Rea

President & CEO, Amplified Naturals

Listen to Charlie and Rob share their personal stories about where their passion comes from.